Made in Spain

Have you ever stopped to think about what is involved and how long it takes to make a handmade garment?


artisan confection

With more than 20 years of experience in clothing manufacturing, combining the highest quality fabrics with the mastery and rigor of exclusive and elegant pieces.


Carefully selected fabrics. We visit various fairs and textile houses to find the most exclusive and unique fabrics, colors and prints.


Elena Moore designs the garment and meets with our pattern maker who will create the perfect pattern in about two days. A garment that fits you perfectly and enhances your figure.


A sample is prepared to check that it really fits well and to make the last modifications. As they are top quality fabrics, the cuts are made by hand and in detail.


Our tailors, in addition to sewing the pieces, hand-finish details such as buttonholes and button linings. Taking between six and eight days to prepare our garments.


Before arriving at our "showroom" each garment is manually ironed to ensure that it is in perfect condition for delivery.


The same day we receive the products we start packing everything and organizing the shipments so that you can enjoy your garment as soon as possible.