This small family-owned factory produces all of our garments. The factory has more than 20 years of experience and is dedicated to the manufacturing of clothes for men, women and kids. The combination of the highest quality fabrics with expertise and accuracy results in exclusive and elegant pieces.

During our visit, we could follow how each of our garments are  carefully put together. What we were able to see is the tremendous amount of handwork on every detail when working with premium fabrics from cutting to interfacing and sewing and finally steaming. Completely contrary to mass production. Due to the delicacy of our fabrics, each item needs to be touched by hand and therefore requires time and care.

Have you ever stopped to think about what it entails and how long it takes to produce a garment?

Suppose we’re talking about one of our shirts, ELISA.


First, we visit several fairs and textile houses to find the most special fabrics, colors and prints.

Once the garment is designed by Elena, we meet with our patroness. It takes Maria about two days to find the perfect pattern. It’s not an easy job, you’ll know that finding a garment that fits perfectly and enhances your figure has become a BIG challenge nowadays.

When we find the perfect pattern, we take it to our factory. There, Antonio prepares a sample so that we can check that it really fits good and make the last modifications before sending it to production.



In our small factory, it takes four days to cut the fabric. Since these are top quality fabrics, sometimes the cuts have to be finished by hand, which lengthens the process.


The Elisa shirt takes six to eight days be ready. In addition to sewing the pieces, our tailors hand-finish details such as eyelets and button lining.


To ensure that all the garments reach our offices in perfect condition, the Lobato family irons each one of the shirts manually.


Once they have all the clothes ready, they send them to our offices. The same day we receive the clothes, we start packing everything and organizing the shipments so that they reach you as soon as possible.


As you can see, GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME.